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Fix your intentional typos

Change the text to where the grammar is correct and the words are spelt incorrectly. Either you have a terrible program or script to create your questions or a monkey is typing them for you. One of the questions had an a instead of an o in one of the words. How do you even make that kind of error? In another question a comma was typed instead of an apostrophe when the apostrophe was obviously correct. It seems like you're doing it intentionally.
Also what's with all the superpower, government, and religion questions? I understand if you can't think of ideas, but the least you could do is google for ideas. Why all the questions about narcissism and money? I like the idea of the website, but you're not hiding your agendas very well if a 16 year old can figure them out.

Johnny Appleseed , 23.08.2013, 14:50
Idea status: under consideration


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