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Triple counting votes?

So I was stuck just now between 2 questions that kept coming back (now resolved) and I noticed that every time I answered them again, 3 more votes were added. This happened at least 10 times. And it's not an isolated case, all the votes on all questions are divisable by 3. What's up with that?

Alex , 05.08.2013, 16:55
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weirdpoll, 05.08.2013, 19:00
Hey Alex,

First of all, thanks for your comment, I really appreciate that you're trying helping us :D

Now, can you tell me how did you exactly solve the repeating questions problem? And if possible, can you give me more details about the problem?

This way, we'll be able to recognize and solve the problem

Thanks again
Alex, 05.08.2013, 19:05

I simply deleted "cookies and website data" in internet options and then restarted my browser.

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